DOMINIO&SITE.EU is a project created by Markup® and MarketWare®, specialized companies in Communication, Marketing, Security and Web Environments, with the goal of providing an integrated domain, site and hosting solution.

MarketWare® was created in 2001, exclusively national capitals, with the objective of helping companies to establish themselves in their markets using new technologies and betting on the paradigms of the digital economy. It has in its basic offer Internet services and consulting in Security and Quality of Service being recognized as the company that monitors the Internet and the largest supplier of digital certificates for secure servers in Portugal. Nowadays, it is a multinational, ICT market leader with presence in Spain (Madrid) and clients throughout Europe, including Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

Markup® was born in 2007 with the goal of helping to create and grow Brands in the minds of its audience. Creating an emotional tie, identity symbols, feelings of identification and belonging, maximizing the relationship between the Brand and your target audience is the great challenge that Markup is committed to achieve. Markup's mission is to combine strategic thinking with the power of creative ideas to innovate in the way of communicating, to discover new reasons for the target audience to buy and use new technologies as new points of contact and as innovative ways of bringing added value to services. The team is young, talented, ambitious, professional and dedicated, totally focused on winning, strengthening and preserving a solid relationship of trust with the client, where their goals are above all the goals of Markup.