The 3 € PACK consists of the most complete package and includes not only the .EU Domain, but also the Linux Server Hosting with capacity up to 20 GB per site, offering up to 3 MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts. Complete your offer with a MarketWare Secure Server Pro SSL Certificate, recognized as the most powerful tool in terms of ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of communication between the client's browser and the server, and the Hacker Secured (Weekly Tested) , which allows you to test and analyze the security of your site, as well as transmit confidence and guarantee to users, who are protected against theft of personal data and fraud in the use of credit cards.

Website construction is also included, offering the template to the drawer and up to 30 web pages and 3 contact forms as well as the Reputation Seal (semester analysis).

The site will be developed in Joomla in its latest version and will include an Email Marketing solution as well as sharing tools for social networks and a backup system that allows you to safeguard the page.