An .EU domain allows you to represent your identity or your company as a true European business, an international partner open to business across Europe and to the diversity of cultures. The .EU also allows a greater approximation of the clients and the promotion of your company to the 28 Europe member countries. The use of this domain also increases its visibility because it is a new and modern top-level domain.

This domain simplifies multilingual and cross-country options by reducing the number of sites required for just one, thereby enabling efficient organization of information online and thus facilitating customer consultation.

Add value to your online communications!


A Linux server with a capacity of up to 20 GB per site is available, offering up to 3 MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts.


JOOMLA is the latest and most advanced tenology solution for a content manager. The separation of design, programming and content allows for great flexibility in the production of highly customized design sites.

  • Dynamic sites with lots of interaction with visitors;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Site Administration Panel in Portuguese or English;
  • Ease to manage content (texts, images, videos, etc ...)
  • SEO - The keywords 'Meta tags' can be defined at a global level (through the configuration area) and also at the level of each page;
  • Integration with social networks;
  • Possibility of integration of several advanced functionalities (Online Stores, Multi-language pages, directories, portals, blogs, ...)

Joomla! is the best platform to develop websites with all SEO requirements (Search Engine Optimization). The layout of the HTML is well formatted and without tables that make it easy to crawlers (World Wide Web search programs). The keywords 'Meta tags' can be defined at a global level (through the configuration area) and also at the level of each page.

Data Protection

Backup exists to assist in preventing data loss, such as accidentally deleted files from physical or human failure. This ensures the integrity of data, settings, databases, and user files. In a click you can create a complete backup of the site. The file includes the database, files, and the restore script.

Backup is available in a variety of formats such as standard ZIP files or highly optimized JPA files. The choice is yours. You still have the possibility to choose what should be left out, files or databases. For this, we offer the possibility to create several profiles, configuring them only once. Backups can also be performed automatically. The data will be automatically copied to a cloud. Built-in support for Amazon S3, DropBox and more!


img-email-marketing3E-mail Marketing is a direct-marketing tool that uses e-mail as a mean of communication. This tool can be used to offer / promote products and services of specific interest, as well as in customer loyalty campaigns and customer satisfaction surveys.

The use of Email Marketing has several advantages, such as winning new customers, increasing market share, improving customer relationships, increasing sales, scheduling automatic posting campaigns, whether they are birthday recipients or planned promotions, all this in a fast send rate in contrast with other means, such as regular mail.

Share Tools

Includes all sharing icons for social networks. Promote your brand through social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus and others using the content sharing tools available on our websites. Take advantage of social networking, allowing potential customers to interact with you. Generate content and influence people and their decisions, giving more visibility and credibility to your site.


SSL Certificate Marketware Secure Server 256 bit

It is recognized as the most powerful tool in terms of ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of communication between the client's browser and the server.

Hacker Secured Weekly Tested Seal

Logo Hacker Secured MarketwareThe Hacker Secured Seal was conceived and designed not only to provide mechanisms that allow network administrators to proactively and preventively monitor their entire network, but also to transmit confidence and assurance to users who are protected against theft of personal data and fraud in the use of credit cards.

In this way, Hacker-Secured will validate through weekly audits in order to pass the FBI / SANS security tests. Whenever the site meets the minimum requirements imposed by best security practices, the Hacker-Secured certificate will be awarded. In this situation the user will have the guarantee that in 99% of the cases there will be no intrusions.


Reputation on the internet is a critical factor in the consumer's decision at the purchase proccess. Knowing that the vast majority of buyers who shop online are satisfied is an indicator that they can also buy without fear that something might go wrong. Finding the Reputation stamp on a page is a reliable element to proceed without fear of buying.

What does it consist in?

Monitor, collect and classify all comments / referrals about the Site or the Brand under review, in order to determine the Reputation that you have on the Internet.

The process of collecting the references & automation, but the analysis of the content of the same made by technicians / analysts who identify the meaning of the commentary in order to perceive if positive, negative or neutral.

The ranking of reputation is made according to the evaluation of the percentage of comments / positive opinions of the Site / Brand in analysis, "Good" if more than 50% of the comments are positive, "Very Good" if they are more than 70% and "Excellent" if they are more than 90%.